What trees should I prune in the winter? Winterizing your landscape

Pruning during winter: While not all trees should be pruned in winter, there are several types that can be pruned during their dormant period. This includes deciduous trees (those that shed their leaves in winter) and certain evergreens. Here are a few examples:

   – Fruit trees: Prune fruit trees in late winter when they are dormant to promote better fruit production, remove dead or damaged branches, and shape the tree.

   – Deciduous shade trees: Prune deciduous shade trees in winter to remove dead or diseased wood, improve the tree’s structure, and reduce the risk of storm damage. It is easier to see the tree’s branching structure without leaves during winter.

   – Evergreens: Prune evergreen trees, such as pine or spruce, in late winter or early spring before new growth begins. This helps maintain their shape, remove any dead or diseased branches, and control their size.

It’s important to note that not all trees should be pruned in winter, as some may be better pruned in other seasons. If you are unsure about how or when to prune specific trees, it’s recommended to consult a professional arborist. Fruit tree pruning